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Centuries ago, pioneers went out into the woods, plains and mountains and built themselves homesteads without the benefit of having a home improvement store around. If they were able to hack it out of the wilderness back then, why canít we do it today with the modern conveniences of home improvement centers, readily available modern materials, tools and machinery? With the availability of iPads today, you can also upload the portions of this site that correspond with the task you're involved in for tips, pictures and info on how to do it.

The way this all began, Mrs. Pilgrim and I bought a piece of property in the middle of nowhere, with the intent of retiring to the peace, quiet and natural surroundings it provided. Everbody we knew, thought we had gone crazy.

We had spent 35 years of our lives as desk jockeys, without any practical experience outside of constructing a few decks. Making matters worse, we retired right when economy collapsed. Armed with a few books and a little study, we descended into the wilds, 100 miles from the nearest town with a home improvement center, rolled up our shirt sleeves and began construction with just slightly less than reckless abandon.

The first step was to build a temporary living quarters, just big enough to comfortably house us and our two dogs while we gained the experience and confidence required to build the dream home, that we would have otherwise hired a contractor to build for us, were it not for the economic difficulties.

A year and a half have passed and we've not only achieved the skills to take on the major project of building a conventional home, but we've discovered ways of doing everything cheaply, and without having to make the 200 mile round trip to the city to pick up supplies once or twice a week. We'll never have to hire a contractor again.

With good planning, and using materials available on the land whenever possible, this building and the barn were constructed for less than
$20,000 including fixtures and furnishings.

What I'm working on now

Drywall Texturing
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